Friday, May 3, 2013


Dress Gatsby exhibit at Prada in Soho featuring Catherine Martin + Miuccia Prada's collaborative costumes

Laden with more crystal than a Baccarat chandelier, the mannequins of Prada's Soho store shimmer and sparkle in extravagant style. Earlier this week, Prada kicked off its Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby exhibit with cocktails and celebrities in anticipation of Wednesday evening's movie premiere at Lincoln Center. For 12 days, Prada's Soho store will exhibit the lavish gowns and accent pieces worn in the movie, a collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin, Oscar winning costume designer and wife of Baz Lubrmann--The Great Gatsby's writer, producer and director.

Low-back striped sequined dress with fur accents, inspired by Prada's SS 2011 Collection

After several Prada and Miu Miu pieces were coincidentally worn during test scenes, Miuccia Prada was recruited as Catherine Martin's collaborative cohort. Fur, feathers and sequins dominate as magnificent dresses dripping with opulence are meticulously styled with equally impressive millinery, shoes and accessories. 40 silhouettes inspired by Prada and Miu Miu's past collections and archives have been adapted to effortlessly convey the notion of 20's Gatsby splendor and wealth. In describing costume styling, Prada and Martin both emphasize that concepts of beauty and affluence trumped historical accuracy in their creative process. Prada was surprisied that many of her dresses were so translatable, without having been created with the 20s in mind. Martin agrees, noting that "the reality is that from 1920, I could find a photo or a fashion illustration that would support almost any choice that we've made in the film" (quote credit: Vogue). 

Orange plastic sequins cover an orange organza dress, inspired by Prada's FW 2011 show

The exhibit features select Martin-Prada ensembles made for the movie and runs until May 12th, before traveling to Japan and Shanghai. Access is one of the key points of this exhibit- anyone can walk right up to each dress and touch the fur and sequins (though, I recommend looking with your eyes). Each style comes with a detailed description of the character that rocks the look. In some instances, you may only catch a glimpse of the character on-screen, but do acquaint yourself with the mystery, infamy and adultery that surrounds even the most anonymous of characters. Add this to the long list of other fanfare associated with Gatsby, including the windows at Tiffany's uptown. Given the sponsors, parties and publicity, is this production too big to fail?

Can you guess how many crystals are sewn on this dress?

Bustier gown paired with pearls and long gold gloves for Gatsby character Geraldine Vocce

Trailers and movie promos run in the background

So many dresses--which is your favorite?!

Bird's eye view from the store balcony


  1. So many fantastic dresses!! wow! a real eye candy..As for me,I liked the gold and silver dresses inn the second last pic :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! I love how some of the sequined dresses were paired with fur, though I don't think I would wear fur in real life!

  2. I'm really looking forward to see the movie. Catherine Martin is an amazing costume designer and I love the way she reinterpreted Prada's and Miu Miu's dresses. The "chandelier" dress worn by Daisy character is such a dream, even if, honestly, I don't understand the furs, considering the movie is settled during a hot summer...

    1. LoL... I don't get the furs either, but I love how she's incorporated them in so many of the outfits!


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