Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Tiffany's Fifth Ave Great Gatsby Windows

The belles have long left Tiffany's Blue Book Ball and Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby awaits its upcoming debut. In the interim, Tiffany's Fifth Ave. presents a set of jazz age windows created in cohorts with Catherine Martin, Academy Award-winning costume and production designer. Set against a backdrop of bubbles, bubbly, crystal curtains and chandeliers, countless carats and intricate artistry dazzle in debauchery for passersby. Some of the pieces on display are used in the upcoming film!

Three Sets of Diamond Earrings Hang from a Champagne Tower

Set in the Roaring 20's, F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel tells the tale of twisted love and heart-rending disappointment through the eyes of Nick Caraway (played by Toby Maguire), a WWI veteran/bond salesman. Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan star as the film's leading lad (Jay Gatsby) and lady (Daisy Buchanan), clad in decadently breathtaking designer apparel at every turn. Likely one of the stylishly memorable movies of 2013, the Great Gatsby is sure to incite a 20's trend, quite like Mad Men and the comeback of 60's garb. Start digging for the fancy frocks, feathers and jewel-encrusted headbands in grandma's closet as flapper style is sure to re-emerge!

Tiffany's Ziegfeld Tassel Necklace; Freshwater Pearls With Sterling Silver ($1,200)

Along with Tiffany's, Brooks Brothers, MAC cosmetics, The Plaza Hotel, Fogal and Moet & Chandon champagne share the spotlight as sponsors of the Great Gatsby. A long time customer of Brooks Brothers, F. Scott Fitzgerald regarded the brand in his writings as "a presentation of the ultimate gentlemen's purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of disctinction" (quote by Catherine Martin, credit: examiner). Fittingly so, Brooks Brothers produced the Gatsby men's costumes based on Catherine Martin's designs. What a perfect opportunity for the brand to break out of a preconceived stuffiness and ride the tide of popular appeal. Check out the collection here and let me know what you think...

Sapphire Ring with a 3.65 carat sapphire center ($55,00) 

It's exciting to see a classic tale resurface and be "re-modernized." With all the talk around costumes, I wonder what the acting will be like! When the movie hits theaters (in the US) May 10th, will you be running to see it?

 Bubbles and Bubbly!

Tiffany's platinum, diamond and seed pearl bracelet ($190,000)

Tiffany's Savoy Headpiece; 25 carats' worth of diamonds ($200,000)

Carey Mulligan wearing Tiffany's Savoy Headpiece and pearl bracelet with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Great Gatsby [image credit: warnerbros]


  1. wow..all this is so breathtakingly beautiful..lovely..

    1. Definitely! Tiffany's did a good job with their windows this round!


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