Friday, July 29, 2016


Let Her Be Free Pop Up by Icy & Sot

Street art duo Icy & Sot share silent statements through stencil art and the launch of their new book at a temporary pop-up in the Lower East Side. Entitled Let Her Be Free, faces of freedom stare back from whitewashed walls, with childlike defiance. Emerging from a background of artistic limitations, the brothers' mostly monotone pieces celebrate the justice, freedom unity and equality available in America. Keep reading for more... 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Prada 5th Ave.

Chinatown coffee carts and street art have become highlights of my daily commute. Crossing from East Side to West, Dain, Dee Dee and JR pave a path of stylish surprises. This week, Prada's 5th Avenue windows remind me of the modern interiors of coffeeshops and the artistic appeal of the streets. Keep reading for more, and stay tuned for a piece on Icy and Sot's popup exhibit...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


 Tiffany's, Fifth Ave.

Beautiful brides (and Bridezillas) become "wives" at the height of summer wedding season. This week, wireform wedding inspiration fills the windows at Tiffany's Fifth Ave., showcasing popular NYC proposal sites and related jewelry. Do you dream of the day, or remember the moment when? Keep reading to have a look at this week's windows...

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Untitled (Alicia Vikander by Patrick Demarchelier for Louis Vuitton), 2016; Painted Prints by Michael De Feo at Danziger Gallery

Known as the 'The Flower Guy,' Michael De Feo's fondness of floral and fashion icons foster feminine flattery--most recently on the walls of Danziger Gallery in NY's Lower East Side. In a sponsored showing of style, 34 print ads--embellished with painted plants--camouflage some of the world's top talent. Keep reading for a look at De Feo's marriage of street art and spirited style ...

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dolce & Gabbana Fifth Ave.

A bright light in a desert laden with endless sand and an occasional cacti is the picture perfect representation of an existential moment. Post passing, I've considered conceptual concoctions of "then what?" Time's article Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife prompts me to ponder the premise of life after life. This week's windows at Dolce & Gabbana illustrate the balance between the 'light in the desert' and the figurative lush greenness and white robes that the afterlife promises. Keep reading to see more....

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Exhibition View of Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History at +The Jewish Museum 

This was written a while back--figured I should post before it becomes obsolete! A purposefully positioned androgynous assemblage showcases 'style' that transcends cultures and circumstances.The faceless femmes, arranged in artistic angles, feature fashions past and present. As colorful as his clothing, the career of designer, entrpreneur, actor, writer, illustrator and TV personality Isaac Mizrahi spans three decades, culminating in a first time exploratory exhibit at the Jewish Museum. Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History showcases the turbulence behind the talent and the span of influence. Keep reading for a look inside...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


My mom some 30 years ago!

Though Chicos, Talbots and Charter Club have largely overridden Harvé Bernard, Saks Fifth and Bonwit Teller in her treasure trove of go-to pieces, my mom--via pictures--was a stunning style maven in her prime. Her passing Thursday (30-June), presents the opportunity to discover a prior life, filled with fabulous fashion and adventure. Instead of store windows this Wednesday, let me present a window into the life of an extraordinary woman. As sometimes words cannot express, keep reading to see more...  

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Gucci, Fifth Ave.

Often accused of workaholism, the drive to complete commitments hasn't waned with time. "The office" has become a puzzle of politics, personalities and pride. Professionalism has taken a back seat to prescribed perfection. Disagreements define destiny, along with the agreement that failure isn't an option. This week's windows at Gucci present a view of the 'working woman' with 70s appeal! Keep reading for more...

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Community Tag Wall inside the Bleacher Report + KITH #BR99 popup

What do Wayne Gretzky, Warren Sapp, George Mikan, the corner bodega and rapper Papa Joe have in common? Shopping, sports, social media and street style synergize in #BR99, a Soho popup between digital media outpost Bleacher Report and streetwear brand KITH. Born to be a 'brand experience,' #BR99 represents Bleacher Report and the 'branding' of fashion; the number '99' honors the jerseys worn by jocks and points to the savings spent at 99 cent bodegas. Keep reading for a looking inside the popup... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Club Monaco, NYC

Patriotic proportions of red, white and rambunctious fill the windows at Club Monaco in Soho and Fifth Ave. Paper poppies backup pinstripe and poplin, as sentiments of Americana overflow. Red and white-- the colors of "loyalist"--are also evident in Syrian Didashah, Chinese Qi Pao and fashion finds on Fifth Ave. Keep reading to see...