Sunday, March 29, 2015


Magnolia cakes + FleursBella arrangements 

Wedding bells and wedded belles bestow telltale signs of beauty, bouquets and baked goods on the day of noteworthy nuptials. With winter barely behind and matrimonial madness quickly approaching, service providers hasten to woo potential patrons with spirited guidance and expertise. In an intimate bridal preview, Magnolia Bakery and FleursBella assemble a showcase of sweet and sylvan. Bridal beauty is magnified with culinary bliss as floral arrangements by FleursBella mingle with familiar favorites from Magnolia. Keep reading for a closer look... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Polo Ralph Lauren, Fifth Ave. and 55th St. 

Mainstays of Manhattan living include laudromats, bodegas, gyms, libraries and brownstone boutiques, among others. This week's windows at Polo Ralph Lauren Fifth Avenue highlight City haunts albeit too familiar to repeat customers. As spring break approaches, sightseers scout special spots while City dwellers relish in the comfort of closeness. Keep reading to see all the options... 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Paul Poiret evening dress, 1927 (L); Paul Poiret evening coat (authorized reproduction), 1917 (R)

Fabricated fakes and counterfeit clothing have purposefully plagued fashion over time; the more prominent a product's profile, the more prevalent the phonies. In its current exhibit, Faking It: Originals, Copies and Counterfeits, New York's Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology investigates the complex conundrum of counterfeit culture and explores the means by which designers and brands address 'authenticity.' As the museum has recently begun allowing photography in select galleries, keep reading to see some stills...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 Calaypso St. Barth
Slightly foggy and stylishly flirty, the mannequins in the windows of Calypso St. Barth shed their second skin to show off bare arms and soft, springy looks. Spring break season is around the Corner! Will you be staying put or straying away to paradise? Stay tuned to see where I'm headed (not for Spring break per se--just to get away). In the meantime, have a look at this week's windows... 

Sunday, March 15, 2015



Soaring sportswear sales stimulate a surge in partnership between high street designers and athletawear brands. Recently, AdidasMary Katrantzou  and NikeLab's new collaboration with Sacai showcase performance fashion at its finest. For February's NY Fashion week, Gap fills two floors with an impressive presentation of its Athleta brand and Kanye West wows the media with an activewear collection for Adidas. Will you indulge in the likes of Lululemon and fancy, stylish sportswear? Or are you more likely to stick to store brands? Between browsing women's workout wear, have a look at this week's IFB Top 20, including my interview with Thilo Westermann...

Friday, March 13, 2015


 Crayola's version of Nanette Lepore's Sunny Day Shift dress at Bloomingdale's Soho, part of "The Selective" Collection (exclusive)

Crayons are for coloring pictures... and clothes! Enjoyed by children and creatives, crayons become the medium for promoting Bloomingdale's new collection, The Selective. Inspired by Instagram, Bloomingdale's Fashion Director, Brooke Jaffe, recruits 13 cutting edge designers to contribute to an overall in-house exclusive--part of the 100% Bloomingdale's campaign--using 4 unique Crayola colors. Thursday night, special guests Rebecca Minkoff, Cynthia Rowley, Michelle Smith (Milly) and Laurienne Gilner (Parker) join Jaffe in introducing the stylish silhouettes. Keep reading to see more Crayola-embellished creations...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Coach 16th St. at 5th Ave., Dec. 2014

A little under the weather, I'm bringing back memories of Coach's December 2014 NYC skyline windows this Wednesday. Since the fall of the twin towers, the rise of the Freedom Tower and the conversion of high-rises to living spaces, there has been a significant shift in the Manhattan waterfront over the last decade. What exciting changes have you noticed lately?   

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 Designer Drugs Series (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent) by Desire Obtain Cherish; UV cast in resin [photo source]

It's remarkable how an arrangement of letters can inspire a cult following among clothing connoisseurs. Interlocking C's, G's and LV's (among others) have achieved typographic supremacy--instantly recognizable and gallantly projecting exclusivity, luxury and quality. Whether or not to succumb to brand loyalty rests in one's subjective appreciation of its product in light of competitors, culture and conversation. In a local exhibition entitled Brand Loyalty, i'm loving it, gallery nine5 presents "the pervasive nature of logos and brands as they appear literally, humourously and somberly in everything from sculpture to canvas" [source: gallery press kit].  Keep reading to see select works... 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


"Selfie," photo Courtesy of Thilo Westermann

Millions of meticulously-placed pixels--in pinpoint precision--invigorate the floral forms created by artist Thilo WestermannFor Spring/Summer 2015, Westermann's art is transformed into a collaboration of limited-run wearables for EscadaIn an opportunity borne by chance, Escada Fashion Director, Daniel Wingate, happens on Westermann's So What Does Forever Mean? exhibit in Nuremberg, Germany and instantly envisions a partnership with the artist. Where art is applied to fashion, fashion once again becomes artistically transformed in the Escada Meets Thilo Westermann collection. On glass, Westermann's art exemplifies a hyper-realistic rendering of nature, yet on fabric, a woman becomes a part of the magnified beauty on display. Keep reading for my Q&A with the artist and have a look back at the Thilo Westermann window feature...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center

In the most dreary of New York City snowscapes, a bent orange cone or neon colored beanie adds a splash of color to an unusually slushy commute. Above neutral, Earth is full of color in fading and contrasting hues. What about space and beyond? Are the colors equally vibrant, distinct and numerous? This week, both Anthropologie's color theory windows and the Netherlands-based Mars One project fuel my fascination, as they hint at limitless opportunities within a realistic world. Keep reading for more...