Sunday, July 27, 2014


Christian Louboutin Windows at Saks Fifth Ave, NYC featuring Loubiville

After twenty-three years of red-sole splendor, the Louboutin brand pushes prestige to a new level. On July 25th, Christian Louboutin unveiled Rouge Louboutin--the first of 30 shades of nail polish--at Saks Fifth Avenue and all 15 Louboutin Boutiques. To promote Louboutin Beauté, the windows at the Saks Fifth Ave. flagship feature Loubiville, an albino metropolis inspired by the shapes and angles of the Louboutin nail polish bottle. Keep reading for the details... 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


 Marilyn Monroe: Grey Fur Session 2 photo by Milton H. Greene (1956); Taken during the filming of "Bus Stop" [photo credit: Limited Runs)

Model, movie star and media sensation, one woman singlehandedly redefined 'sexy' and 'style' in the late 50s. Known to most as Marilyn Monroe, the innocence of Norma Jeane Mortenson became eclipsed by the blonde bombshell persona Hollywood helped invent. Posthumously, Monroe continues to captivate the masses and remains an inspiration to artists and actresses alike today. In a stunning show of 38 never-before-seen photographs, Limited Runs presents Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star for five days from July 22-26th at SUMO Gallery in Tribeca. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of the images on view...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Something borrowed, something blue… at A|X on 51st Street at 5th Ave.

Statements are made with words, wearables and (possibly) weeks' worth of wondering and wandering. Sometimes the simplest concepts require countless hours of careful contemplation. Conversely, complexity can be configured within a matter of minutes--thanks to technology. This week, textured whites and bolded brights become the bifurcated background of Armani Exchange's Fifth Ave. and Soho stores. Silently surprising or colorfully commanding--how do YOU make a statement?

Friday, July 18, 2014


Grand Turk Island--Crystal clear water!

On a ship, cruisin' in the Caribbean--Lots of food, but no wifi! Posting will resume next week!


3 Jours bag (croc + Calfskin) and 'Buggy"

A fresh take on old roots, Fendi transforms Wolford's former apartment-style space on the corner of Prince and Greene streets in Soho. Like the fur and leather goods shop opened by Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande in 1925, the 630 square foot #fendisoho is filled with fabulous fur-trimmed furnishings and Fendi exclusives. Opening its doors July 5th, #fendisoho will spend 6 months re-introducing its brand through few-of-a-kind offerings merchandised in thematic spurts. Have a look inside… 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Polly Apfelbaum's A Handweaver's Pattern Book (June 2014)

Hidden high amidst the boisterous bustle of Soho shopping, a sixth floor sanctuary stowing artistic sentiment awaits those acquainted with the (somewhat) secret space. From June 27th until August 8th, Clifton Benevento Gallery plays home to Polly Apfelbaum's exhibit A Handweaver's Pattern Book. One of 15 artists invited to exhibit in Miss Dior at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2013, Apfelbaum traditionally dabbles with paint, sculpture, photography and fashion. High honors (including a 2013 Rome Prize) and pieces parked in the permanent collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA NYC), and Whitney Museum, verify that Apfelbaum has mastered the art of combining colors and shapes over two decades of creationism. My interest is piqued by an article pointing to the obscure gallery space and textile exhibit, so I stop in on my walk home after work. Keep reading for a peek inside...   

Thursday, July 10, 2014


From "Dutch Couple 2007"... Dutch Couple (2007)

Banal objects propagate "Art" at the hands of Jeff Koons, the renown American contemporary artist from York, Pennsylvania. As the final exhibit in the Whitney Museum's current locale (the Whitney will relocate to the Meatpacking in 2015), Jeff Koons: A Retrospective is exceptionally comprehensive, displaying 150 iconic works by a single artist across the entirety of the Whitney's Marcel Breuer building. The exhibit documents the full span of Koons' work from 1978 to the present in the following categories: Pre-New, The New, Equilibrium, Luxury and Degradation, Statuary, Banality, Made in Heaven, Celebration, Easyfun, Easyfun Ethereal, Popeye, Hulk Elvis, Antiquity and Glazing Ball. A long weekend in the City and a healthy curiosity towards the construction of Koons' larger-than-life artwork presents the perfect opportunity to trek to the Whitney. Here's a glimpse of what's inside… 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 Lord & Taylor summer windows at 38th St. and 5th Ave.

It's prime time to share in the sun-sponsored festivities of Summer. Take a break; savor the sunlight with lazy days at the beach, laps in the pool or lounging in the sun… Let's get relaxin'! The mannequins at Lord and Taylor are stylishly set for the summer music scene with festive fabrics and carefree caftans. How about you?

Friday, July 4, 2014


 Lucky Magazine Fashion Director Anne Keane; photo credit: Phil Oh

"Fashionable" is the complimentary bi-product of creative chaos + arbitrary assessment. While designers continually chase the prospect of creating yet another 'inspired' collection, publication management (editors and fashion/creative/art directors the likes of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington) sets the tone for seasonal trends. Journalists (think blogger Susie Bubble and columnist Suzy Menkes) define and opine on the sartorial medley of the moment. The general public plays both judge and jury in the face of endless options and informed style supremacy (a.k.a social media); and so, perception and placement become prominent drivers of what is "fashionable." For Lucky's Fashion Director, Anne Keane, seasons, styles, trends and tastes have served as the baseline of her day-to-day, since the magazine's inception in 2000. The LA-raised, West Village transplant shares a bit about her views on fashion, her time at Lucky Magazine and her dietary delights in our Q&A...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The windows at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Ave (between 57th and 58th) take on an equestrian theme

Illusion is powerful, leaving just enough room to supplement the framework of suggestion. Where would I be if…? What is the best way to…? When should I…?  All the 'what if' wonderings countered by 'what is' happenings displace dire certainty. This week, Bergdorf's life-like mannequins entertain the imagination with heroines and horses. When troubles abound, take the time to tame tousled thoughts and forge forward with fantastic fervor!