Thursday, February 23, 2017


Saks Fifth

Contrary to the Fashion Week "flaunt," a collective of anonymous designers ravage the runway with an air of mystery. Of 8 "anonymous" designers behind Section 8--Akeem Smith of Hood by Air--confirms, "we just lived through an era in which getting too much attention made someone the actual president, so we're like, we don't want attention." As "fashion" becomes bundled under a brand, creativity is often obfuscated by reputation or expectation. This week's Fifth Ave. windows at Saks mingles a multitude of merchandise in an aggregate anonymity. Keep reading for more...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Christopher Esber F/W 2017 at Industria Studios

The fine lines and futuristic finishes of Christopher Esber's F/W 2017 collection fill 4,800 square feet at Industria studios, as automobiles and attire intermingle. Merging masculine silhouettes and feminine cuts, Esber's NYFW debut boasts a very wearable assortment of stylish separates. Solid colored slashed tops and stretched skirts peek from statement pieces and trenches. Keep reading for a closer look...

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Saku NYC at Artbeam

Ruffles and bows trim and bind cut-outs and culottes in S A K U NYC's F/W 2017 collection. With cautiously haute hairstyles to match, Lissa Koo's runway lineup becomes a living billboard of frilly and flouncy 'paper doll' clothes. Live at Artbeam Sunday, black + light blue + grey + pink impose colorless simplicity, while peek-a-boo lace and subtle frills elicit movement. Keep reading for a closer look...

Monday, February 13, 2017


Jill Stuart Fall 2017 presented in 2 Acts; model in sheer black velvet and lace dress

Medieval goth meets Victorian charm as luxurious gold and dark hues up-scale velvet and lace. Inspired by a love of essential oils, Jill Stuart accounts, "clothes are like a favorite song or a favorite perfume." Leaving room for interpretation, her Autumn 2017 collection embodies an essence of complexity through a contradictory discourse of "show" and wearability. Set in the lobby of a former AT&T headquarters in the Financial District, giant marble columns surround models on pedestals. The grandeur of the space complements the sheer artistic splendor of the collection. Keep reading for more...

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Yuna Yang Fall/Winter 2017 at Gotham Comedy Club

A lone candle powerfully illuminates stifling darkness. 

Entitled Lights in the Shadow, Yuna Yang's Fall/Winter 2017 collection draws inspiration from the world's socio-political climate, emblazoned by those who wield the torch of freedom. As "light shines brighter in the darkness," Yang conceptualizes chiaroscuro with a play on fabrics and patterns. Set at NYC's Gotham Comedy Club, the non-traditional runway presentation intertwines models and audience, affecting an emergence from the shadows. Models glide onto a dim stage partially lit with a variety of lighting concepts. Keep reading for a closer look...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Veiled in a shroud of silence @KleinfeldBridal NYC

White is the color of weddings and mourning--both, in some instances. As New York Fashion week dawns and wedding bells toll, the world turns... minus the mien of Swedish "Edutainer," Hans Rosling. A mastermind of statistical surprises, Gapminder's creator and "Data visionary" showered the world with facts about economic development with sincerity and wit. See for yourself here and keep reading to see this week's looks at Kleinfeld...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


by @whatwillyouleavebehind @Fat Free Gallery

Orphaned objects find refurbished fame at FatFree Gallery's Bizarre Bazaar. Street side shoes and scraps--salvaged by NYC's best known street artists--are reincarnated and recirculated in a creative commune of found objects. SacSix, Icy & Sot, City Kitty, Curb Your Ego and Jules Muck are among familiar favorites. Keep reading to have a closer look...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 Nordstrom at Menlo Park Mall, NJ

Is neutrality the nemesis of happiness? Faulted for a lack of excitement, sometimes happiness is balanced by desire and distractions. This week, dive into the depths and dimension your demons. Dissipate distress with perspective. Keep reading to see the multi-dimensional windows at Nordstrom at Menlo Park Mall...

Friday, January 27, 2017


Charles Tyrwhitt, World Trade Center NYC

Slick slogans transfer truth in paraphrased prose. In a world full of mantras, prudence prevails. Asked to share my tips for success at work, I struggled with wrangling the right words. What did I end up with? Keep reading to find out, and to have a look at Charles Thrwitt's windows at the World Financial Center...

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Tiffany's "Make the world sparkle" 57th St. windows 
Over the last week, an old friend and I were debating "choice" and the ability to "Build your own reality." In the battle of principle vs. practice, is there always "choice?" With the Women's March a day in hindsight, the weekend's events showcase the reaction to a nation's choice of president. While the windows at Tiffany's on Fifth Ave. are devoid of pedestrians due to its proximity to Trump Tower, the 57th street view presents a myriad of diamond encrusted delights and chic choices... Keep reading to see more. Reflecting on 2016, if you could do it over--would you?