Sunday, January 22, 2017


Tiffany's "Make the world sparkle" 57th St. windows 
Over the last week, an old friend and I were debating "choice" and the ability to "Build your own reality." In the battle of principle vs. practice, is there always "choice?" With the Women's March a day in hindsight, the weekend's events showcase the reaction to a nation's choice of president. While the windows at Tiffany's on Fifth Ave. are devoid of pedestrians due to its proximity to Trump Tower, the 57th street view presents a myriad of diamond encrusted delights and chic choices... Keep reading to see more. Reflecting on 2016, if you could do it over--would you?

Monday, January 16, 2017


"Drag" by painter Annie Kevans at Danziger Gallery in the Lower East Side (Francis Bacon [L], Andy Warhol [M], Robert Mapplethorpe [R])

Though seemingly banal, Annie Kevans' portraiture presents alternate perspectives in a non-provocative, yet intellectually defiant manner. Soft colors and a diffused technique are used to express an overlooked alternative, depicting controversial characters (and associated concepts) with alliterative charm. Perhaps renown for "Boys," a series depicting 30 of the world's dictators, tyrants and war criminals as demure children, Kevans was invited to complete a collection depicting Jean Paul Gaultier's muses. This winter, Kevans showcases excerpts from her acclaimed series at Danziger Gallery in the Lower East Side. Keep reading to see more...

Sunday, January 15, 2017


 #BGWindows showcase "Destination Extraordinary," 5th Ave / 58th Street windows

Flat by Friday and fresh by Monday--it's a rigor and revive cycle that January compounds on an annual scale. At 21, I would have never expected the next 15 years to have progressed to the present. First foot forward, what the future will bring? This week, Bergdorf's "Destination Extraordinary" windows paint a picture of promise and beauty with its "dreamlike itinerary of lush locales, unexpected landscapes and verdant gardens." Where are you headed in 2017? Keep reading to see the stunning stylescapes of #DestinationExtraordinaryatBG...

Monday, January 9, 2017


Groupe by Seize Sur Vingt at 198 Bowery presents Sent by Victor Roman 

Ambling down Bowery St., Seize Sur Vingt's new outpost provides momentary relief from trying temperatures. Coined Groupe NYC, the brand's new concept space expands beyond luxe men's product to include casual, sport, street and women's. Inside, artist Victor Roman exhibits Sent the second installment of his "DIGI-COM" series, amid the robes and racks of Groupe's current collection. Keep reading for more on Groupe and Sent... 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


#SaksHoliday Land of 1,000 delights +Saks Fifth Avenue ; this set by +Proenza Schouler 

When things go awry, impulse almost always wins, actively assigning blame or wallowing in ailments. This new year, let hope guide and uplift. The windows of Saks' Land of 1,000 delights fills Fifth Ave. with saccharine sets of candied delights. Sweet replaces sour and notable designers (e.g. Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Erdem, Jason Wu) showcase "candy couture" dresses patterned after sweet treats or bespoke candy-inspired Spring 2017 creations (e.g. Rosie Assoulin, Naeem Khan, Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Simkhai). Keep reading for a closer look...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The Nutcracker Sweet at Saks Fifth Avenue #SaksHoliday; Act 1: Peace of Cake

Happily hiding from the holidays, Fifth Ave. festivities become an afterthought as warm weather provides a welcome distraction to winter in the US. Taking the time to glimpse at the holiday window spread, before they disappear in the wake of Santa, here is a quick compilation of Barney's #PeaceLoveJoy display and Saks Fifth Avenue's Nutcracker Sweet windows. Have a look inside for more...

Sunday, January 1, 2017


 Solo show featuring Dain at Fat Free Gallery

Beyond appropriately hinting at the intended culinary choices of 2017's infancy, Fat Free Art Gallery in the Lower East Side opens its doors with a solo exhibit by street artist Dain. Amidst an unconventionally legitimate 'street' setting, stylish sirens (set in colorful collages) adorn purposefully weathered walls. Boasting "950 square feet of 12 foot EXTERIOR walls INSIDE. The same outdoor canvases that street artists have been tagging since the beginning of tagging [source]," Fat Free trades traditional stark white gallery walls for grittier decor. Keep reading for a look inside the exhibit and more of Dain's dames...   

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 #HidingFromTheHolidays in search of #PuraVida

The mis-adventures of unlucky Melquiades Ledezma (played by Antonio Espino "Clavillazo") originates the popular Tico slogan "Pura Vida." Ever since, eternal optimism and blissful existence define the simply translated "pure life." Up for interpretation, the Costa Rican mantra bids that comparatively, there exists an alternative that reduces your misfortune to a vacation in paradise; consequently, man up and make the most of every moment. Seizing the opportunity to regroup from reality, Costa Rica becomes the desired destination to decompress. Keep reading to have a look at my adventures #HidingFromTheHolidays...  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Holiday windows at LE BVH/Marais in Paris, France

It's almost time to salute santa and spread seasonal cheer. Choose wisely; though even in error, salvation survives, unrelenting. The windows at Le BVH Marais in Paris showcase Santa, snow people and snowy scenes. Serve up a smile this week, for good measure. Be reminded that when things are bad, it emphasizes all the good that exists. Celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Keep reading for more sightings of Santa...

Sunday, December 18, 2016


 Land of 1,000 Delights at Saks Fifth, Brookfield Place

Daydreams incite a retreat from reality--trading idleness and irritation for irreverent inspiration. With age, the opportunity for "hurt" has been replaced with glass-half-full adventures. What I look for? Things to look forward to... in order to move forward. This week's windows at Saks, Brookfield Place feature sequined styles and seasonal sweets. Inside, the Saks Downtown Holiday 2016 Art Installation by artist Jonathan Paul (a.k.a Desire Obtain Cherish) analogizes the notion of relationships through sweets and sculpture. Keep reading to have a look inside...