Monday, April 22, 2013

Style Snaps : EARTH DAY!

 Earth Day windows at Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center

Green, white, brown and blue echo the earthy and organic properties of planet Earth. And so, why not combine organic and nautical... greys, browns and greens add grounding and a little kick to the blue, white or red anchors and stripes. Happy Earth Day! Plant a seed, recycle, increase your awareness of sustainability or start a compost... What will you be doing to celebrate?

Earth Day windows at Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center

As part of the "Earth Day Our Way" festivities, Anthropologie in NYC is running a silent auction of its displays to benefit Earth Day New York. If you're interested, the windows at all 5 Manhattan stores are up for auction with today being the last day to bid (stop in and talk to a manager). My favorite is the gaggle of plants growing out of chinese take out cups! Wow (but where would you put that?!)!!

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