Wednesday, May 1, 2013


 Louis Vuitton on 57th St and 5th Ave.

Growing up, hot air balloons symbolized wealth, adventure and freedom. Each year, the Festival of Ballooning in my hometown unleashed hundreds of ballons into the air, some of which landed in my parent's backyard. I'd watch the balloons with awe, dreaming of the places I'd go and and the opulence and romanticism that would follow. Be it a billowing hillside or a cabin at the edge of a lake, ballon rides always ended with a prince, a champagne toast and a picnic--in my mind. This week, Louis Vuitton's Fifth Ave. windows bring to life the dream of magnificent air-travel with velvet-lined gondolas, gold trimmed mechanisms and fashionable garb.

 Louis Vuitton 57th St.--traveling light!

Trunks have long been a staple of travel and certainly a signature of Louis Vuitton. Since 1858, LV's stylishly stackable trunks have been sought after by both voyagers and collectors alike. Lately, the boxy tote-ables have resurfaced and are gaining popularity in celebrity circles. Vintage steamer trunks are being reintroduced as elegant elements of decor. Designer Kim Jones' Fall/Winter 2013 collection for LV will include a new series of trunks for common folk and celebrities alike to to escape in style! 

LV trunks -- what would you store inside?

Oh choices galore--where would you go!?

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