Friday, March 1, 2013

WoW! Wearable Technology [ Part 1 ]

Video featuring the "Hug Shirt" and other wearable textiles via CuteCircuit / Click the freeze-frame to play the video

It's the stuff tech-saavy tweens dreamed about at the turn of the century--a future of touch-screen portability, voice activated complacency and fashionably wearable electronics. Excitingly enough, the last few years have managed to procure an unparalleled harvest of technocouture with unlimited applications, globally. As seen in the video featuring a partnership between H&M and CuteCircuit (above), trends in technofashion have spiked the interest of traditional retailers and consumers in a way never before imagined. 

Video showcasing T-Shirt OS, a partnership between CuteCircuit and Ballentine's scotch (via CuteCircuit)

CuteCircuit and Studio XO are just two success stories where collaborations between art and science result in desirable, wearable technology. Based in London, CuteCircuit's smart textiles were the first to be featured on the red carpet by celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger. CuteCircuit designer Francesca Rosella was formerly a fashion designer for Valentino in Italy and her partner Ryan Genz holds patents for wearable technology. The pair's notable creations include the T-Shirt OS, the hug shirt and various LED-infused garments (U2 leather jackets, Katy Perry catsuit, Laura Pausini skirt, NYC Boys outfits). Where wearable technology was once more scientific than stylish, it has quickly becoming sleeker, sexier and therefore more mainstream.  

Studio Promo/Video Conversation with Nancy Tilbury, Creative Director and Benjamin Males Technology Director of Studio XO

Nancy Tilbury, Creative Director of London-based Studio XO evolved her experience from Philips' Intelligent Fibers Team to develop new and improved "interactive wearable experiences." Along with Technology Director Benjamin Males, Studio XO has become a fixture at the forefront of costume innovation and wearable digital systems. Recent projects include LED infused wearables (Azealia Banks bra and JLS accessories, Fergie's dress, etc), Abeo eyes, Dynamic nail varnish, a gown made of cloud/steam, and digital draping. If shirts can transmit hugs from afar and nail polish can grow to specified lengths, what do you think the future of style holds?

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...and stay tuned to part 2 of STYLETECH!

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