Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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Valentino Temporary Store on Madison Ave. and 65th St.

Stylish spring colors sprout in store windows with the approach of daylight savings time. As winter's moody monochrome and hardened hues melt away, lace and light pastels give life to flirty florals. While the poignant patterns and bold brights of summer haven't yet emerged, the introduction of cooler colors encourage a timed thaw and an elusive emergence from the great indoors. Valentino's temporary store mannequins sport an uptown look and quickly remind us that seasons--like the store--are just temporary.

 Levi's on 14th St.

Downtown, straight lines and and pastel panels are echoed in Levi's characteristically rugged storefront. The notion of singularity and displacement is offset by the fa├žade of warmth and life through the light tree. Despite the spurts of color and the promise of spring, perhaps Moschino's windows best channels my current mood...

Moschino Window on W.14th 


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