Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Saks features Escada in a digitally reflective display inside its Fifth Avenue windows; Delfinata dress with orchid still life

Art and fashion embark on conjoined adventures, whether art on fashion (Robert Indiana x Lisa Perry) or art as fashion (Viktor & Rolf). Last Fall, Escada and German artist Thilo Westermann collaborate on a seven-piece capsule collection, patterned off his meticulous reverse-glass etching process. The intricate floral comes alive as his 2 dimensional designs are printed and worn as three dimensional garments. This week, Saks displays pieces from the 'Escada meets Thilo Westermann' collection alongside mirrors and digitized screens in a portion of its Fifth Ave. windows. Keep reading to see the the sensational styles... 

Escada halter

In an interview with Luxe Living, Westermann notes, "My basic idea was to abandon the two-dimensional plan of painting and transfer my artistic concept to the three-dimensional language of clothing. I didn't want to have just a few details or themes printed on the fabric; I wanted the hand-crafting of the dot rasters to be recognizable. This way the clothes allude back to their origins in painting."

Minuscule dots + Vanitas style = Thilo Westermann x Escada (Gown Grita)

One-button Blazer Bozena style

Tsisa dress with vase still life

Escada x Thilo Westermann video [source: Escada]

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