Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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 Junya Watanabe on 5 @Saks , Fifth Ave NYC

Unexpected breakthroughs potentially power the most rewarding successes. On Tuesday, I attended the viewing of Clavadista, a short film sponsored by Dove and Refinery29 around the "pursuit of pleasure." A twist on the theme "pleasure," Meredith Danluck presents the story of Ava Alvarez, a young femme who develops a secret passion for cliff diving, after years of watching her father and brother. When Alva takes the plunge, she experiences the associated trials and triumphs (won't spoil the end). What passions and pleasures do you pursue? While you think, keep reading to see this week's windows at Saks Fifth in NYC. Click here to watch the 30 minute short... 

 Prada on 3 @Saks

Anne West on 1 @Saks

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