Wednesday, May 23, 2018


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Photos by Leila Jeffreys (in association with Olsen Gruin Gallery) in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, 58th St

Self expression is an anomaly, strengthened by empowerment and dimmed by doubt. Despite the deluge of self help services, sometimes absolution is as easy as an open mind. Art is therapeutic, illustrative, provoking; try it as a medium of communication this week! Leila Jeffreys bird photos in the windows at Bergdorf's closes out NYC x Design this week. Keep reading for a peek inside at a look at sights over the past 2 weeks... 

"what's worse than standing alone, is slipping on a foundation too slick to hold you" --me :)

Missoni + more photos from Leila Jeffreys

Parrot back + photos 

 THINGS by Urs Fischer at the Gaogosian at the corner of 43rd St and Fifth Ave.
[L] Kim Markel + Glossier collaboration [R] Steven Bukowski + Hannah Bigeleisen for Sight Unseen Offsite as part of NYC x Design

Installation view... tapestry as decor

Zero Waste Bistro sponsored by the Finnish Cultural Institute and Wanted Design; decor by Linda Bergroth and servingware by Durat Design

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