Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Gucci windows at 55th and 5th with dynamic video in the background

Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were "successful" public figures with signature empires and adoring fans. What happened? While suicide remains a deeply personal decision--unintelligible to most, I understand the premise of deep-rooted hurt; I've been there. Watching The Staircase this weekend, the subject of the mini-series, Michael Peterson declares, "I can't share my experience for the last 8 years with anybody-they wouldn't understand it. They have no way of knowing what that means. I could say, 'well.... I was in prison for 8 years.' People could say, 'oh.... that must have been terrible.'  It was.... No matter what I tell you can make you understand that or realize that. And so therefore, your world is very different from everybody else's world..." This week's windows at Gucci project support and solidarity; be reminded that someone you know may be suffering in silence. Take a minute to text someone a hearty hello; it may change their world... 


 Great brand re-imaging!

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