Saturday, May 19, 2018


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'Untitled' Installation by Hannah Levy at Bergdorf Goodman 5th Ave. NYC

Design influences, inspires, incites. In pursuit of a creative career some 20 years ago, the thrill of creating, educating and visually articulating... boasted promise. While, "art" signifies a piece of work meant to invoke a feeling or thought (sometimes confusion!), "design" prompts a creative conceptualization and communication process; there's something unduly satisfying in translating ambiguity into tangible, relatable reality. In honor of NYC x Design (May 11-23), have a look at the window installations at Bergdorfs featuring installations by Hanna LevyHayden Dunham and Lena Henke...

'OP: reaching in :EN' by Hayden Dunham

"How does one transfer into a new form.
From one state to the next.
What is the by-product of this transference.
Cross pollination 
A slow leak that can't be traced."
-Hayden Dunham

'Ladies' Mile' by Lena Henke

"Ladies' Mile refers to the historic commercial retail center of New York and evokes traditional surrealistic window design. Lena Henke brings to view fiberglass rope sculptures that embody mystical signs, bodily forms and psychodramas. They refer to psychologist Rudolf Steiner's concept of the seven-year cycle, according to which the drawings of the first seven years in life form the basis for later developments. Henke's sculptures channel an energy that is a metaphorical diagram for the viewer's psychological state, personal development and social progress"
-courtesy of Lena Henke

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