Thursday, June 15, 2017


$790 Million for the Mona Lisa may be perceived as outlandish, especially in an age of rampant reproductions. Fortunately--for a fraction of the cost--fine art is now portable, bathed in history and wrapped in luxurious sophistication. Honoring the artistic greats of all time, Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton pair to produce a collection featuring mysterious 'Mona' and recognizable masterpieces from da Vinci, van Gogh, Reubens, Titan and Fragonard. Presenting a 'new context for old Masters,' Girl with Dog, Mona Lisa, The Tiger Hunt and A Wheatfield with Cypresses reface Speedy, Keepall, Neverfull, Zippy and other classic LV silhouettes. In lieu of walking into a retail store, experience styles from Masters: LV x Koons up close at the NYC pop-up at 655 Madison Ave. (60th St. and Madison Ave.) until July 31st. Keep reading for a look inside...

Mysterious Mona and an "infinity mirror" installation

A spacious interior and minimalist decor focuses attention on the art and the bags. Infinity mirrors project a multidimensional view from every angle of the space. On the ground floor, stacked crates adorned with sparse gold monogramming serve as pedestals for product display. Descriptions of the artwork accompany brief biographies of the Masters in a masterful montage. Upstairs, clusters of product eventually lead to a lounge overlooking  Madison Ave. 

Fragonard's 'Girl with Dog' (c. 1770)

Walking through the space, visitors can't help but be confronted by the unique handbags, which have become 'art' in its own rite. Viewed as both bastardization of fine art and a celebration of creative artistry, the general public poses a mixed reaction to the 51-piece collaboration. Patterned after the "gazing ball" works, a reflective nameplate loudly announces the artist whose work has been transcribed onto LV canvas. Inside each item is a portrait of the Artist, along with a bio etched into the leather. This commercialization of art is part of Jeff Koons' vision to eliminate elitism in the art world. What's your take? 

Mirror maze!

Installation view

Rubens' The Tiger Hunt (c. 1615 - 1616)

Van Gogh's A Wheatfield with Cypresses (c. 1889)

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa (c. 1503-1506)

Each piece includes a portrait of the painter and a historical biography

Second Floor

Lounge area with an awesome view

The view from the second story onto Madison Avenue and 60th Street

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