Sunday, June 18, 2017


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 Beautiful Cactus de Cartier rooftop lounge at the Fifth Avenue Flagship (on a rainy day)

Opulent 'out-of-reach' luxury paired with tight security often marks Cartier as less inviting, when compared to Fifth Avenue counterparts. Yet since a dramatic re-opening of its Fifth Ave. flagship in September 2016, the fine jeweler has been strategically successful in connecting with new and diverse clientele. This month, Cartier invites the general public onto its rooftop for cocktails and to view a curated selection of its Cactus de Cartier collection. Keep reading for a look inside...

Fresh flowers--up close!

Situated in the sole surviving Midtown mansion, Cartier presents an installation of the newest additions to its cactus-inspired line, which debuted in 2016. Warm orange, bright yellow and soft magenta hues envelop the sixth floor, mimicking desert tones and complementing the yellow and rose gold jewelry. The immersive lighting and graded color scheme illustrates a whole day--from dawn 'til dusk--in the desert. An open-air cabana and lounge invites visitors to stay and engage with the jewelry. Images by photographer Ja Soon Kim serve as the perfect backdrop, showcasing both the simplicity and the mystery of select pieces. 

Empty on a rainy day... 

Three 'design adventures' characterize the beautiful, yet untouchable bloom of the cactus, serving as the foundation of the latest Cactus de Cartier creations. Bathed in yellow and rose gold, the daytime barrel cactus silhouette embodies subtle diamond "flowers." For the evening, Cartier presents colorful representations of a barrel cactus in full bloom, echoed in emerald, chrysoprase and carnelian beads. In-between, a large collection of cocktail rings and cuffs feature the saguaro cactus (most with a single elusive flower atop). In real life, the flowers of the saguaro cactus are fleeting--opening at night and only lasting one day. Cartier memorializes these rare forms with sculpturesque creations. If you are in the area, stop by 653 Fifth Ave. for exquisite sights and sips until June 29th 2017.

Photographs by Ja Soon Kim [source: here]

 Cactus de Cartier cocktail menu

"Cactus de Cartier is a free-spirited collection of powerful, sculptural jewelry that makes a bold statement. Putting a twist on traditional sources of inspiration, Cartier reveals the secret beauty of these fascinating plants that we dare not touch, but observe from afar."

Crafted cocktails for guests

 Cactus de Cartier Ring (pink gold + diamonds) at $19,500

Cactus de Cartier Necklace (yellow gold + diamonds) at $18,300

Assorted Cactus de Cartier Rings

 Cactus De Cartier backdrop (looks like a staircase, but just storage!)

Ambassadors are on hand to show off merchandise

 The ride up--elevator lined in leather

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