Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center

A mini skull scepter rests between the jaws of a jeweled salamander, serving as the silver handle that transforms an ordinary "bag" into a Masterpiece. My recent bargain basement acquisition--a Spring 2015 Red Salamander Alexander McQueen knuckle duster--satiates a decade-long curiosity of what it would be like to own a high society handbag. Beyond the 'brand,' product design and craftsmanship commands as much elitist discernment as the targeted clientele. Luxe products have long fascinated--with lavish embroidery on bespoke dresses, deep interpretations of thought applied onto wearables and bulletproof hardware with extravagant detailing. While impeccable styling + fast fashion works just fine, there's an embedded 'extra' in luxe product, apparent on even the simplest of pieces. Having grown up in an era of hand-me-downs and the side-hustle, I respect both the artistry and the price associated with exclusivity. Keep reading for this week's windows at Anthropologie, showcasing the balance between art and style...

Sustainable simplicity




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