Sunday, January 22, 2017


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Tiffany's "Make the world sparkle" 57th St. windows 
Over the last week, an old friend and I were debating "choice" and the ability to "Build your own reality." In the battle of principle vs. practice, is there always "choice?" With the Women's March a day in hindsight, the weekend's events showcase the reaction to a nation's choice of president. While the windows at Tiffany's on Fifth Ave. are devoid of pedestrians due to its proximity to Trump Tower, the 57th street view presents a myriad of diamond encrusted delights and chic choices... Keep reading to see more. Reflecting on 2016, if you could do it over--would you?

Tiffany's 57th St.

Mini view of Rockefeller Center

Watch this!


Tiffany T collection rings

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