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"Drag" by painter Annie Kevans at Danziger Gallery in the Lower East Side (Francis Bacon [L], Andy Warhol [M], Robert Mapplethorpe [R])

Though seemingly banal, Annie Kevans' portraiture presents alternate perspectives in a non-provocative, yet intellectually defiant manner. Soft colors and a diffused technique are used to express an overlooked alternative, depicting controversial characters (and associated concepts) with alliterative charm. Perhaps renown for "Boys," a series depicting 30 of the world's dictators, tyrants and war criminals as demure children, Kevans was invited to complete a collection depicting Jean Paul Gaultier's muses. This winter, Kevans showcases excerpts from her acclaimed series at Danziger Gallery in the Lower East Side. Keep reading to see more...

Installation view

Though nearing its end, Dazinger's Annie Kevans exhibit is worth highlighting purely based on interest. The white walls of Danziger present portraits from a variety of series--with the majority from "The History of Art," showcasing 20 women artists that have faded from infamy.  In "Drag," Kevans compels brushstrokes of 5 artists (e.g. Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, etc.) who rely on drag as a form of self expression. "Collaborators" highlights Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Wallis Simpson and others whose support of the Nazis was lost in translation. Misbehavior is present in "All About Eve," a collection of British Royal mistresses and inspirational figures (e.g. Lily Cole, Boy George, etc.) are captured in "The Muses of Jean Paul Gaultier."  

Princess Diana // "All About Eve"

After extensive research, Annie Kevans casts familiar public personalities in an unfamiliar light. She targets "figures overlooked, exploited, or objectified with the context of history or contemporary culture, imbuing her subjects with a tangible humanity and sensuality" [anniekevans]. Here, Suzanne Valadon, Victorian Meurent, Gabrielle Capet and Sonia Delaunay find their lost fame. 

"The Muses of Jean-Paul Gaultier" (Tim Curry [L], Boy George [M], Andrej Pejic [R])

"All About Eve" (Alice Keppel [L]), Barbara Palmer, Duchess of Cleveland [R])

"The History of Art"

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