Sunday, January 15, 2017


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 #BGWindows showcase "Destination Extraordinary," 5th Ave / 58th Street windows

Flat by Friday and fresh by Monday--it's a rigor and revive cycle that January compounds on an annual scale. At 21, I would have never expected the next 15 years to have progressed to the present. First foot forward, what the future will bring? This week, Bergdorf's "Destination Extraordinary" windows paint a picture of promise and beauty with its "dreamlike itinerary of lush locales, unexpected landscapes and verdant gardens." Where are you headed in 2017? Keep reading to see the stunning stylescapes of #DestinationExtraordinaryatBG...

58th Street Windows


"The Winter Garden"

Hippie Style Close up

"Hitch Hiker"

"The Book Club"

The new camo

58th St. view

"Bird's Eye View" Up Close

"The Scenic Route"

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