Friday, January 27, 2017


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Charles Tyrwhitt, World Trade Center NYC

Slick slogans transfer truth in paraphrased prose. In a world full of mantras, prudence prevails. Asked to share my tips for success at work, I struggled with wrangling the right words. What did I end up with? Keep reading to find out, and to have a look at Charles Thrwitt's windows at the World Financial Center...

The irony...

Tips for Success in Business
1.) Promote your peers; give credit where it's due and recognize those who contribute to your success
2.) In everything you do, take time to pause, step back and review the big picture; understand how your work contributes to the team's / firm's overall goals
3.) Design your own reality; Take control of crafting the pathways to excellence in every situation
4.) Embrace Technology--it's the key to driving future success

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