Saturday, May 14, 2016


 Candle holders (L + R) and vase (center) at the new Nautica Soho store

Sailor stripes strike ground in Soho as Nautica settles adjacent the Apple Store. Shying away from the "outlet experience," Nautica's newest showroom sports a digital "style bar" and custom tailoring services. Subtle hints of harbor heaven rest on wooden beams of natural oak, exemplifying the "essence of a boat and the architecture of the City" (source: Nautica press release).  Keep reading for a look inside...

 "The Style Bar"

Reaching a new milestone, Nautica freshens its design strategy with practical details (think subtle gussets and creative cuts) and a fair market boutique feel. The 2,000 square foot Soho space is brightly lit and majestically manicured, exuding both the "energy of the city and essence of the sea" (Nautica press release). Though keeping to a traditionally patriotic palette, pieces of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection can be integrated with high fashion favorites (e.g. Proenza or Fendi) to complete a casual or complex look. It'll be interesting to see how the sailor styles fare over the next 2 seasons. Let me know what you think of the new neighbors, if you happen to visit!

Stylish surprises! 

 Soft stripes

Live light--a nice touch

Comfort by the sea

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