Sunday, May 15, 2016


Everlane's Shoe Park, a 10-day pop up in Soho featuring #ElevateSummer shoes and sandals

Shoes off. Try On. Fall in Love. Walk Out. The rules are rudimentary at Everlane's makeshift 'stomping ground' (some may opt to purchase and "Bring Home" their favorites as a last action). Over 10 days (from May 13-22nd), Everlane invites the public to partake in Shoe Park-- an interactive pop-up designed by London-based Robert Storey. Complementing minimalist shoe design, the Storey Studios team instills an equally unassuming 'play' theme through "sculptural installations that both display and engage" [source]. Keep reading for a look inside...

Everlane Shoe Park entrance; That was one gigantic and beautiful flower

On entry, visitors check in and abandon their shoes at the counter. Inside, bare feet roam freely, with the choice to be covered with slides (Babo, Modern Loafer) or sandals (Street Sandal, Slide Sandal) from Everlane's Elevate Summer collection. Guests are encouraged to roam through the spacious interior, intermittently greeted with a set of stairs, a slight ramp or flat ground to jump, climb, walk and run on (cartwheels and backflips ok too!). Products -- shoes sizes 5 to 11 and travel bags-- are available for purchase on-site. Sips and snacks may be offered in the back. Stop by 83 Wooster between 11AM and 7PM daily to #ElevateSummer and shop the Shoe Park!

Ramp for rockin' the sample shoes

#selfie in sweatpants (and mismatched tried / solid socks)  in front of the Dipped Weekender Duffel in grey + navy and Street Shoe in black

 Wall of the latest styles-- Dipped Mini Zip Backpack and Dipped Zip Tote

The Street Sandal in black - Sold out online!

Strut your stuff up stairs with simple sandals!

The Slide Sandal - sleek and simple

Exit through the archway

Everlane's Mantra

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