Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Louis Vuitton on Fifth Ave.

It's time! This weekend, impulsively indulge in those "once in a blue moon" activities. On Saturday, stare skyward to see the third of four full moons this season. Dubbed a 'blue moon,' its next return will be January 31, 2018! Sunday evening, Mars will be visible from dusk to dawn, shining 80 times brighter than usual as Earth wedges between the Moon and Mars. A week after "opposition," Mars will approach Earth--closer than any point in over 10 years. Apropos for the occasion, Louis Vuitton's Fifth Ave. windows digitally display the shifting stages of the Moon and Mars. To celebrate the solar system, my Honey and I have rezzies at Chef's Club by Food and Wine and brunch plans at Calle Ocho. How about you? Keep reading to see the week's windows...

Manus vs. Machina?

One piece or two?

Onesies are crazy comfy!

Strut your stuff in a suit and sneakers!

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