Sunday, August 30, 2015


Re-enactment of the Queen's court at the Renaissance Faire (Renfaire)

With summer weekends waning, Lords and Ladies, warriors and wenches alike gather in Sterling Forest, Tuxedo Park for a midsummer celebration of post-medieval masquerade. Since 1978, Elizabethan England assumes the epicenter of entertainment at Renaissance Fair, weekends from the first of August to September's end. Over 65 acres of fantasy and forestry become laden with with 16th century vixens in velvet, artisans, pirates, musicians, actors and a variety of vendors. Keep reading for a sightly slice inside Renfaire this past weekend...

 The Queen

Fairground fashion, especially during theme days (e.g Pirate Weekend) rivals Fashion Week's fanciest frocks. From home-made to hautely handcrafted, wardrobe wonders exemplify the formidably inclusive nature of "cultural rediscovery" during the Renaissance. Knights in full armor can be seen tasting turkey legs alongside fairies and pirates. Elves and Royalty mingle over mead. Princesses and plebians taunt and throw tomatoes at the town fool. Come in costume (or rent something when you get here). Fun times for all! 

Games include a rotten tomato toss, axe and weapon throwing, archery, canon-ball launching and more

Other than the ornate costumes, my favorite part of Renfaire is the mixture of nostalgia and new. It's re-visiting the candlemaker and the glass blower, browsing the costume purveyors and taking in the theatrics. It's joining in the jousts and discovering novelties each year. My photos fail to convey the expanse of Refaire, so I encourage you to take the trip upstate (family friendly + wheelchair accessible)! Details here.

 Maybe this is where Victoria's Secret started...

 Just like a superhero

Try and Buy floral headpieces, handmade by artisans

Chainmail armor and custom items in the making...

Kids come in costume too!

 Fancy armour--PETA wasn't around way back when...

Not-so-leightweight armor

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