Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Bergdorf Goodman's holiday windows pay tribute to the arts. Neon lights take center stage in the "Theater" themed window

Good ol' fashioned creativity is slyly shrouded by busy schedules and pressing priorities. This holiday, Bergdorf Goodman pays homage to the visual arts, performing arts and fine arts with an ardent assemblage of bright lights, abundant objects and the theme "inspired." From faux ice to big-band brilliance, David Hoey continues the tradition of priceless presentation. Get inspired! What do you do with your artistic side? 


Taking a break from the crazed commercialism of late, I substitute Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for self-contained creativity. Taking inventory of my small NYC space, I look to downsize and reprioritize dormant doodads. From mason-jar cookie scrub to made-by-me jewelry, here's to hoping that this year's handmade holiday gifts will bring a hint of homegrown happiness to their recipients.   




Peeking around the corner... 


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