Sunday, December 7, 2014


Crystalline Pendulum & Crystalline Pyramid by Kirsten Kay Thoen and Photoradio by Sean Augustine March

Shoes, sculpture and spatial enlightenment transform Galeria Melissa, Soho into a "PLASMATIK" paradise. Since Brazilian brand Melissa first hit home with its legendary "jelly shoe" in 1992, coveted collaborations with fashion innovators Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, Karl Lagerfeld and others have emerged, naturally blurring the line between fashion and art. Through concept spaces in Sao Paulo, NYC and London, Galeria Melissa showcases the artistic vision and inspiration of distinguished artists along with rotating influencers on the Melissa brand. This winter in NYC, Melissa shoes share the spotlight with five local artists in an installation curated by Natalie Kates Projects. Keep reading for a closer look.

Tourmaline by Sean Augustine March

Unconventionally fashion forward, eco-friendly Melflex plastic, bold colors and inspired design forms the foundation of Melissa shoes. Synchronizing with the store's exhibit-oriented aesthetic, George Kroenert, Sam Tufnell, Kirsten Kay Thoen, Sean Augustine March and Tapp Francke complement Melissa's chic chaussures with artistic pieces made from equally unexpected materials--colored zip ties, pigmented resin, geometric glass shapes and neon words on a mirror. If you find yourself in lower Manhattan, stop by 102 Greene Street to see for yourself!

Volcanic Nonagon by Kirsten Kay Thoen

The Rent Can Wait by Tapp Francke

Galeria Melissa storefront -- How many art pieces can you see?

Big Bang by George Kroenert

Power Gnomes by Sam Tufnell

Interesting take on a current trend -- Thoughts?

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