Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 Window shopping  at Tiffany's 5th Ave. and 57th St.

Arriving again, this wet Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving begins an annual of ritual of reflection and frenzied preparation. For some, delectable delights are shared among friends and family. Others celebrate a more meager and solitary occasion. This week's windows at Tiffany & Co., Fifth Ave. showcases gatherings and generosity, against the backdrop of New York City. What are you thankful for this year?   

 A trunk full of rings + Tiffany blue boxes!

On November 13th, Tiffany & Co. unveils the holiday handiwork of its Vice President, Creative Merchandising, Richard Moore. The building's 5th Ave. and 57th Street fa├žades carry four large illuminated fireworks that mimic the pyrotechnics created to introduced the Tiffany Diamond at the 1939 World's Fair. Each measure a towering 106 feet high. In the center of each firework is a replica yellow  "cushion cut" 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond. If you happen to walk by after dark, direct your attention to the Tiffany & Co. light show, rotating every 15 minutes from 4PM until Midnight.

 Rockefeller Center, "The Tree" and Tiffany's Atlas collection

Sigh... Surprise!

Rooftop S'mores with a view of the Empire State Building and Tiffany's new "T" collection

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