Saturday, November 22, 2014


Backlit sign at the #KIPLINGHOLIDAY pop-up shop; Greene St., Soho 

With an affinity for "cute," Kipling's candy colored monkeys appeal to customers young and old, serving as the coveted component of the spirited bags. Just shy of celebrating 3 decades in business, Antwerp-based Kipling expands its product offerings and advances its silhouettes to be be notably trend-worthy, covering the spectrum of consumers from kiddie chic to work-appropriate. Steady success speaks volumes--within the last 5 years, the brand's sales doubled! Before being invited to the brand's #Kiplingholiday 3-day Soho pop-up, I had forgotten about my Heather Rose colored, crinkled nylon duffel which currently warms the top shelf of my closet. Keep reading for some of this season's surprises...

Coffee table at the Soho pop-up with catalogues advertising the new line

As the holiday season dawns, pop up shops sprout up with seasonal splendor. This week, Kipling pops up on Greene street from 5-9PM Thursday through Saturday. The NYC tour showcases Kipling's holiday and limited edition collections. Along with a cozy fireplace and stations for monogramming, temporary tattoos and gift wrapping, #KIPLINGHOLIDAY NYC has a full lineup of special performances including Javelin, Kitty Cash and Denitia & Sene. If you don't make it around in time for the pop up, the first NYC store opens at 155 Spring St. on Saturday, November 22nd.

Work-ready styles in "chenille mix" (more colors available) [photo source: Kipling holiday catalog]

Dark + faux fireplace with bags from the new line

Kipling names their monkeys after their employees

Free Monogram pouches

Personalize your own memo pad

The stage is set for the evening's performance

Day 1 at the new Soho Store (155 Spring St.)

Thanks for the goodies, Kipling! The Monogram pouch is great!

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