Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Anthropologie, Rockefeller Center

Hot Air Balloons are the oldest form of flight technology, lifting passengers heavenward since 1780's France. With floating comes an unexplainable freedom and lightness. Harboring news of expected and unexpected passings this week, I find that Anthropologie's Rockefeller Center windows resonate with blissful benevolence. Hope, uplifted in tandem with repurposed paper and carefully curated objects, drifts skyward. As seasons change and time transitions, may those who have moved on from this reality Rest in Peace. 

Reminds me of a 3-D painting

Subtle spring colors

Everything looks better in Blue…

Perceived texture

Spring is in the air!

Scattered and stacked stories; some float skyward

Springtime sophistication!

Window inside Rock Center

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