Friday, March 21, 2014


"Homeless"; One of the 12 headpieces in Jessica Sofia Mitrani's Headpieces for Peace at the fi:af

Diversity is ubiquitously embedded throughout New York City, as evidenced in the disparate street fashion and prevalence of culture across ethnic neighborhoods. Statistically, 800+ languages are spoken daily, coining the Big Apple the most linguistically diverse global destination. A hidden gem for fashion and cultural activities, the French Institute Alliance Fran├žais' (fi:af) latest gallery exhibit, Headpieces for Peace fuses style and social consciousness, boasting headwear christened "Missionary Nurse," "Homeless" and "Buddhist Catholic Muslim Jewish Nun." Designed by Jessica Sofia Mitrani with printed fabric by threeASFOUR, 5-6 headpieces with undercurrents of coexistence and religious affiliation are displayed on either side of a large multimedia installation looping her award-winning video. [View video here]

"Missionary Nurse"

In the 90s, Columbia native Jessica Sofia Mitrani shifted her focus from practicing law to producing films that embraced fashion and feminism. Moving to NYC was the realization of a dream and the beginning of powerful and political--yet artistic--endeavors. Mitrani's Headpieces for Peace was originally commissioned by fashion collective ThreeASFOUR for their Insalaam Inshalom exhibit at the Beit Ha'ir Museum for Urban Culture (2011). In 2012, the accompanying Headpieces for Peace film won the ASVOFF (A Shaded View of Fashion Film) Grand Prix at the George Pompidou Center, Paris. Until Saturday, March 22, the exhibit and film are on public display at the fi:af main lobby.

 "Catholic Nun"

"Orthodox Christian"

 "Buddhist Catholic Muslim Jewish Nun"

"Galactic Stewardess"

"Bald Semite"

"Orthodox Jew"

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