Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Windows honoring Dries Van Noten at Barney's 60th St. and Madison Ave. / "Cycle"

"I wanted to bring the concept of the garden into the museum, but you can't bring any plants or living organisms, except humans, into a museum," exclaims Dries Van Noten Tuesday in an interview with WWD [source]. Mission accomplished, as Paris' Musée des Arts Décoratifs presents Dries Van Noten: Inspirations, an exhibition of flora-inspired colors, patterns and garments by the designerAs a showcase sponsor, Barneys NY brings a taste of Paris to NYC. This weeks widows at Barney's display archival garments by Van Noten, film shorts by Andrew Zuckerman and naturistic visual displays by Dennis Freedman, Barney's Creative Director.

 Archival garments by Dries Van Noten, film shorts by Andrew Zuckerman and visual display by Dennis Freedman, Barney's Creative Director / "Emergence"

A firm believer of accessibility, Dries Van Noten bypasses the exclusivity of couture and explicitly offers ready-to-wear collections at retail. Growing up in a world of garment makers and traders, clothing design was a natural fit, however, Van Noten's parents steered him towards Business. When he gravitated towards fashion, Van Noten financed his own education by designing for others. In 1986, Van Noten presented his first collection in London as part of the Antwerp Six and went on to experience both the highs and lows of commercial fashion. After a tough stretch during the 90s, Van Noten rebounded in the 2000s, eventually winning the CFDA International Award in 2008. In addition to the traveling, designing and presenting, Van Noten and partner Patrick Vangheluwe enjoy gardening in their studio and home in Antwerp. 

Blast from the past

Embroidery embellished sleeves



Butterflies and water

Archival pieces on display on the 4th Floor of Barney's


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    1. Thank you for following along! It's fun finding new and unexpected windows to share every week :)


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