Sunday, March 16, 2014


Assortment of vintage pins, clip-on earrings, watches and necklaces from the 40s to the present day

Saturday afternoon is spent sifting through (my honey's grandma's) vintage treasures, collected over 8 decades of stylistic transformation. A chestnut colored jewelry box holds a lifetime's worth of sparkles and sentiment--souvenirs of youth, faith, marriage, elegance and motherhood. Hours are spent in a Connecticut kitchen pouring over the antiquated trinkets and imagining them on the dashing debutante to whom they belong. Wear and diversity (of style and size) are telltale signs of the secrets manifest within each piece.

Antique box of treasures

Clip-on earrings and colorful rhinestones project visions of a woman balancing both casual and conservative values. Silver Talismans of Catholicism are mixed with pearls, pins and precious timepieces. An abundance of Emerald references an upcoming May birthday. Stray photographs document the life of a widow as she leaves behind a legacy of mementos and embarks on a journey to reunite with her spouse. 

 Colorful clip-on earrings

Vintage costume jewelry

Floral patterns have been popular through the ages

Leather buttons, festive necklaces, a gold Seiko and leather shoe clips

A pin, rings and keychains

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