Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Thom Brown takes center stage at Saks Fifth Avenue

Candy and costumes creep onto shelves and storefronts as Halloween draws near. Beyond frights and festivities, the holiday of haunted hallows inspires a spectacular seventh sense of style. Thom Browne showcases a delicate ferocity as he stages the windows of Saks with exquisite ensembles and melancholy mannequins. Peer through the blinds and prepare to be mesmerized by both frivolous fashion and femmes fatales. 

Thom Browne installation behind Venetian blinds in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC

Adapted from his 2014 runway show, Thom Browne brings his antiseptic asylum and parade of peculiarity to Fifth Ave. Several unsettling silhouettes showcase the softer side of molded rubber--down to the transient texture that embodies an undertone of Elizabethan clown [Have a look at the Thom Browne's 2014 show HERE]. Sultry? Spooky? Have a look and let us know!

Fierce Couture!

Vampires have caught the attention of a literate public--evidenced in the blockbuster success of Twilight, the Vampire Diaries and Underworld. What is it about tall tales of twisted love or incompatible circumstances that fascinates?  

 Thom Browne New York at Saks Fifth Avenue

 Peek into the peculiar between the blinds

Ladies and Lace...and Something's hanging fron the ceiling...

 Details... Details...

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