Sunday, October 20, 2013


Be Brasil Welcome Signage

Strolling through Soho on a sunny Sunday afternoon, my honey and I stop by the Be Brasil pop-up. Samples of açai smoothie, coconut water and savory toasts greet guests as an interactive experience begins. Formerly the site of Tommy Hilfiger's Soho flagship, ApexBrasil has transformed the 11,000 square foot space at the corner of style and sophistication into a diorama of Brazil-themed fashion, innovation and culture. The weeklong festival is free and open to the public from October 15-22. Keep reading to have a peek at what's inside!

Red Seed Pod of Açai Necklace by Maria Oiticica

Festivities occupy 3 floors with distinct flavors and Brazilian graffiti artists have colorfully lined the stairwells with several large murals. The ground floor entryway presents a digital immersion into Brazil and its art scene. Upstairs, a teal themed lounge/cafe stocked with Baggio coffee, juices and liquors (including Casa Valduga and Vinivola Aurora wines) accompany a variety of tasty tapas. Downstairs, the basement houses a sunny retail space with unique one-of-a-kind wares for sale. Displayed atop lit surfaces, jewelry, shows, bags, clothing and beauty products boast the ingenuity and creativity of Brazil's designers and innovators. Using nature and recycled materials, Maria Oiticica Biojoias, Louloux, Melissa, Ateliê Especiarias, Havaianas, Herchcovitch, SOB and other Brazilian brands share their stories and introduce their products.

Large Seed Pods of Canoinha Necklace by Maria Oiticia

Browsing through the offerings, Maria Oiticia's nature-infused necklaces make a successful showing, alongside Sera O Benedito's (SOB) patchwork bags and Louloux's vibrant shoes. If you're in the area, stop by to immerse yourself in the botequim and culture of Brazil over the next two days. Check out the site for speakers and special events. 

 Duffel by Sera O Benedito (SOB)

Sera O Benedito bags made from recycled materials 

Sera O Benedito jackets

Two-story high Mural inside the Be Brasil Pop-Up on the corner of Broome St. and W. Broadway

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