Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Here's lookin' at You at the windows of Saks Fifth Ave. 

Four eyes are better than two--especially when scouting treasures at sample sales or searching for a lost pet. Equipped with four sets of eyes, Saks Fifth Avenue's mannequins return a peek behind fun frames while flaunting fabulous Fall fashion. If the weather cooperates, I'll be spending the last weekend of summer outdoors seranaded by sun. What will you be doing?

Would you prefer men peeking at you?

Over a period of 26 years (I started wearing glasses in elementary school!), I've cycled through 11 pairs of glasses--plastic frames, wire frames and virtually borderless frames to boot! When picking out a new pair of specs a couple weeks ago, I traded my teal wire frames for cat eyed plastic ones--full circle from the first pair I had so long ago! Do you wear glasses (sunglasses count!)? Which is your favorite shape?

Lovely ladies in red and a pair of spectacles

Cat eyes

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