Friday, August 30, 2013


Gap "Art of Blue" Global Art Project featuring art by Roman Grandinetti and CNNCTD+ on Kenmere St., 8/23

Numbers rule our lives. From birthdays to bills, life revolves around how much, how little, what date and what time. Surrounded by an invisible pool of whole, partial and fractional numbers, Roman Grandinetti and CNNCTD+ blankets the outside of 19 Kenmere St. (at Bowery) with bold white western numerals. Referring to the design, Grandinetti expresses, "I injected how downtown is becoming a tad more organized and a little more fine-tuned with numbers. Saint Laurent is now downtown. Balenciaga is now downtown. The newcomers are kind of making it streamlined.[source]" Amidst the stream of NYC phone numbers recognizing Grandinetti's favorite downtown digs, can you find where Gap's signature '1969' is hidden?

Hard at work...

Ramping up its Back to Blue campaign, Gap partners with artists, bloggers and social media outlets to roll out a 'back to the basics' message focused on simple clothing and confident attitudes. Turning to digital advertising, TV, print and mixed media, Gap has enlisted the help of Tumblr (photography contest), Refinery29 (Gap styling on fashion and lifestyle bloggers), Youtube (raw short films by Gap-clad trendsetters about what it means to be authentic), Mashable (Gap styling on key influencers in Technology), Eater (Gap styling on chefs) and others. Prepare to be hit by of one of the broadest reaching (and perhaps a quite interesting) advertising campaigns this fall!

Ta-Da...The Masterpiece is complete! #BacktoBlue

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