Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Chanel on Spring Street, Soho NYC

Campsite or séance? Stark, snotty or suspicious stare? Find the opposites embodied by the lovely ladies in Chanel's Soho windows--winter wool versus sleeveless sundress...long versus short dress...necklaces versus bracelets... looking behind versus looking ahead. And yet, note the similarly red lips, the color of the dresses, the polished nails and the surprisingly anatomically correct arms on both. Mysticism, mystery or merely mer-maidens of fantasy?

Longchamp on Spring St., Soho, NYC

Down the street, Longchamp ramps up for fall with red and tan handbag styles. Their windows include a lofty display that rides throughout the store. Neighboring Mulberry stretches out the summer season with white and light colored ombre. I'd love to have that tree in my apartment! The swings would do better than a couch and who needs a table? Every meal could be a picnic! 

Mulberry on Spring St., Soho, NYC

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