Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Soho Street Art

NYC is a cosmos of diverse tastes and endless creativity. I love it. I hate it. I live with it. The summers are hot. Grass and trees are rare. People, people...EVERYWHERE! So what keeps me grounded in the cement jungle when clear air and endless greenery beckon? Other than the thought of an overwhelming commute from the suburbs, I enjoy the sipping, the shopping and the evolving style. Keep reading to see if you can guess the brains behind some of the sights I've snapped in passing this summer...

 Controversial or consistent?

NYC's sample sale mecca helps keep fashionable femmes affordably stylish. I love trodding through stores, studios and sale spaces with prospects of discovering new brands, marveling at quality craftsmanship and bringing home a bargain. Here are a few recent summer shots of recognizable brands I snapped in passing. Can you guess them all?  

Hats Galore... This Brand's sample sale is in full swing this week!

 So many shoes... can you guess whose?

The one on the left is obvious--the one on the right is a gift and an interesting brand concept--Betcha can't guess!

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