Sunday, July 7, 2013


That's me, jumping on the bed, in a Dalia McPhee dress with a lampshade

This weekend warranted a break from the sights and sounds of NYC. Trading noise for Nature, I booked a yurt for one night, rented a car and grabbed my honey... Oh, and I brought along one of the "too good to pass up" sale dresses I never wore. What better occasion than a weekend in the woods (of the Catskill Mountains) to break out a fancy frock and stage a photo shoot. Have a look and let me know what you think! 

On a gravel road outside the yurt, in the darkness that seemed to stretch forever. Dress by Dalia MacPhee, Necklace by Baublebar

After an afternoon trek up Mount Utsayantha and drinks + dinner downtown, my college roommate and her husband left under the cover of night. Without street lights, the gravel road stretched infinitely into darkness, becoming the perfect backdrop for amateur "fashion" photography. Though peach is usually taboo for my figure (not particularly flattering and washes me out), I took a chance on this Dalia MacPhee dress--it was so different and opposite of anything I own.

Bright lights! Well, I guess I also somewhat value anonymity

The yurt was situated deep in the Catskill mountains, off a gravel road in East Meredith, New York. Reading the description online, I was sold on the thought of breathing fresh air and staying somewhere uncommercial. The yurt defied expectations of sturdiness and decor--I was impressed by the level of comfort that the spacious enclosure and modern furnishings provided. Despite the lack of air conditioning, the trees offered ample shade, cooling the area 10-15 degrees below the exhaustive heat of the City. The lone fan, dome skylight and lattice structure made the dwelling so simple and elegant. With a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, the yurt gave me a different perspective on "modern living." 

Sunglasses inside? Sure--why not!  Makeup? Never!

The yurt... Extremely comfortable and stylishly furnished!


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