Monday, July 1, 2013


Bergdorf Goodman incorporates Eva Petric's Gr@y Matter-language of shadows in its windows
Whether under the brightness of the midday sun or the solace of a moonlight night, shadows amplify our movements. Silhouettes materialize as light emerges and darkness occupies the space behind an opaque object. In an eerie and somewhat haunting display at Bergdorf's, Eva Petric explores the abstract qualities of shadow as a language of emotion in her work Gr@y Matter.

The artist's project statement and book displayed in the window

Quoting an abstract from Petric's book on display at Bergdorf's, the excerpt draws an interesting parallel between the relationship of shadow and emotion... <<A Shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. A Shadow is an area where the Direct Illumination of Love cannot reach because of the Obstruction created by our Becoming. In other words, when we relinquish the obstruction of the Ego (our becoming; our craving), Love can shine through to the Self, dissolving the Shadows.>> [source: Gr@y Matter - language of shadows by Eva Petric]

Transparent panels displaying shadows from Petric's book cast shadows of their own.... Eerie!

As the range of color varies between hard and soft, black and grey, so too does emotion  fluctuate between neutral and poignant. Next time you encounter shadows, notice how overlapping shadows create darker areas where they merge.  Note too, how shadows blur as the light source widens. Have some fun, and share any thoughts or findings in the comments!

Interesting what how shadows simplify what is seen to the basics and amplify views that may be missed when distracted by details

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