Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This lucky Spinosaurus takes her pick of the Alma bags in the windows of Louis Vuitton, 5th Ave. at 57th St.

The sun, sweat and sounds of summer in NYC bring back memories of June 1993 when Steven Spielberg's surreal safari struck home on the silver screen. Walking past Louis Vuitton this week, I can't help but chuckle at the devious dinos in the windows. Not quite as perilous as Jurassic Park, the sparkling 'saurs playfully torment the mannequins, all the while porting lustworthy looks from the Fall 2013 collection. 

Behind-the-scenes Spinosaurus bone assembly before gilding [source]

Playing off the current exhibit at les jardins des plantes at the Natural History museum in Paris (info here), LV has gathered and gilded a few fossilized favorites and paired them with stylish satchels the likes of the Speedy, the Sofia Coppola and the Alma. Wacky and classy both at once! If you happen to be in the area, have a peek at the shiny specimens before they enter extinction. But then again, there's always Jurassic Park re-runs to fall back on... and a fourth sequel to look forward to (news here)! 

The gilded Triceritops snatched itself a snack!

Behind-the-scenes shot of the Triceratops [source]

Oh My! A T-Rex stole my satchel!


  1. Ha ha ha this is such an interesting read and the caption at the bottom picture really got me cracking up. Very nice! Love it. Dinos and fashion.

    1. Thanks :)! Who would've thought LV would combine prehistoric with fun!


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