Thursday, June 20, 2013


Jill Platner on Crosby St. 6/19/2013 

Jill Platner's Crosby St. space was alive with bohemian glamour Wednesday evening. Partnering with Stone Fox Bride, Platner's Summer Solstice Vibes party packed the store full of flowers, friends, festivities... and bridal fashion! While guests sipped on sparkling cider and snacked on sweet treats, they could expect to be prettied up in vintage-esque gowns, fresh flower crowns and simple braids. 

 Fresh Flower Crowns by the ladies of Stone Fox Bride were $25 a piece

Complementing the rustic sophistication of Jill Platner's natural aesthetic, the flower crowns by the ladies of Stone Fox Bride were a sweet touch, balancing fresh florals with the stone cold metallic jewelry found throughout the store. In planning a fall wedding, I would consider these for bridesmaids--or guests even. What better analogy to new life together than a crisp ring of living flowers! 

 Fresh flowers complete the look of this party goer

And on the subject of wedding dresses, I had traditionally been a fan of the "conventional" wedding dress--white, formal and long. After being exposed to the work of a few talented boho-chic designers, I've expanded my horizons to consider that something less formal (and possibly carrying a pale tint) could be exponentially more romantic (think Shakespeare and High Tea). After attending 30+ weddings thus far, I hope to substitute stoic formality, banquet halls and awkward discomfort with a fun and relaxing event enjoyed by all. Now to just make it happen... Any ideas? While you're thinking, have a look at some photos of last night's event.
Makeshift "braid bar"

Simple, yet sophisticated.

Dresses from Stone Fox Bride, including the Norma Kamali Lace Sheath dress 

More white dresses from Stone Fox Bride

queztal collar from Jill Platner's Fox Hill Collection

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