Saturday, June 22, 2013


Can you guess who artist Erik den Breejen is painting on the side of Rag and Bone's Houston St. store?

Time is relative. The same 8-hour work day feels like fast-forwarded time travel one day and an unexpectedly prolonged eternity the next. I am given a lesson in perspective this week, when surprised with news that spins my world into a whirlwind of anxiety and opportunity. Though not immediately life-changing, suddenly I can empathize with people who are given finite months to live. Abruptly, there is a feeling of panic, an unexpected shift of priorities... and a placement of utmost value on the simplest activities that I had come to take for granted. Time stands still. So I take a stroll... and pass this work-in-progress.

More than midway complete and it seems to be especially hot out!

A day later, artist Erik den Breejen is only 8 lines farther crafting his masterpiece on the side of Rag and Bone's Houston Street store. Pausing for a minute, I marvel at the meticulous attention paid to spacing and crafting words in pink, red and blue from (the songs) "Fashion" and "Heroes" that make the graphic representation of David Bowie. At a rate of about 120 words a day, 900 words and 44 lines is painted in about a week. 

Completed "fashionheroesbowie"

The completed "fashionheroesbowie" is the culmination of creativity by one artist, amplifying the legacy of another. In the fleeting world of fashion, interest fades in and out--sometimes faster than the regeneration of ideas. It's almost ironic to consider the time, talent and thought that goes into creating one piece, much less a complete collection. For many designers, a years' work amounts to a 7-12 minute runway show. For den Breejen, the weeklong project equals a monthlong display of public art. For the rest of us, tomorrow's outfit can bring on a lifetime of scrutiny... or maybe nothing more than a forgettable re-occurance. A day is all it takes to top or topple a trend. When the difference of a day becomes the successful translation of how we spend our time, What will we find you doing today?

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