Thursday, June 13, 2013


Kate Spade Saturday window on Orchard St. 

Kate Spade gives Saturday a whole new meaning with its diffusion line of youthful cuts, fun-inspired prints and bright cheery colors. Not only does creative energy apply to the brand's design strategy (evidenced in multi-fuctional current product offerings like the twinsie wallet, cooler tote and let loose dress), it has spread to innovations in e-commerce. For a quick and easy shopping experience in NYC, Kate Spade Saturday has partnered with eBay and Paypal to launch four one-month-long virtual storefronts! 

Touchscreen technology, 24 hour shopping and free 1-hour delivery

Until July 7, New Yorkers can walk up to one of four Kate Spade Saturday 24-hour window shops (175 Orchard St., 30 Gansevoort St., 154 Spring St. and 7 West 18th St.) and tap their way through a sizeable selection of merchandise. Touch-screen shopping is available 24 hours a day (every day) and free one-hour delivery to any NYC location is included. New products are added every Saturday. Kate Spade CEO, William McComb remarks "My nickname for it is the Wall as a Mall" [credit]. Have you seen or tried it? Tell us about your experience!

Kate Spade Saturday window on Spring St.

Kate Spade Saturday Windowfront on 18th St. [credit: Kate Spade]

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