Friday, May 10, 2013


"Superhero Closet" installation on 7th Ave and 27th Street at the Fashion Institute of Technology's (FIT) Pomerantz Center

Femme fatale by day and leather clad cat-burgler by night, Selina Kyle shows the world that supervillians (and superheroes) can slink around stylishly too! Until today, I never considered the closet of a superhero, assuming its contents would consist of considerable monotony. But alas, heros and villains alike have alter egos that embody fashion as much as friend or foe. At FIT's Pomerantz Center, the graduate exhibit Superheroes and Villains chronicles the history of America's best-known comic book heroes (and heroines!) and their criminal counterparts. 

Harley Quinn

Until May 23rd, catch a glimpse of Catwoman's classy-chic closet and Harley Quinn's auspicious apparel. Re-acquaint yourself with celebrated childhood champions. Did you know that Aquaman is a 6-foot-2-inch blonde haired blue eyed water-based wonder? Or that The Flash, a.k.a The Scarlet Speedster doubles as Barry Allen, a police scientist? Superman still looks sightly out of costume and Batman is a little less sinister without the mask. And while you're looking, note the prominence of primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) on the hero side and a darker palette (Black, Navy, Burgundy, Grey) when villains are involved. Who would wear J.Crew and who would be a Brooks Brothers type of guy? Would Spiderman's Mary Jane prefer Alexander Wang to Kate Spade? And would X-Men's Rogue sport H&M over Diesel? What if you had supernatural tendencies--what would they be? And how would you coordinate your wardrobe?

What would you look like as a super heroine?

Designed and curated by fourth semester Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design (VPED) students, the interactive exhibit includes opportunities for viewers to "try out" different looks (sans spandex) and read up on their favorite fantasy fighters. Pull-out panels act as large comic cards, detailing vital stats. Iron man comes alive in an interactive booth, but don't let me spoil the fun. Stop in if you're in the area or scroll down to see some of the stand-outs...

Pull-out exhibit panel featuring Aquaman and others

Sandman in cotton and khakis

The Joker--a bit more menacing than usual!


  1. FUN exhibition!! would love to go to comic con one day! Dig the superhero comic book style ever since the Romance Was Born collection. :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA


    1. I went to Comic Con in NYC two years back--awesome costumes!


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