Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rave / Rant / Review \\ DIY Nail Stamping

Saturday showers make way for indoor activities, namely a Nail Art! Make-A-Long at NYCResistor. Taking a rare opportunity to trek outside my creative comfort zone and into into a bordering borough, the 2-hour session provided the perfect distraction from the torrential downpour. DIY Nail Stamping was on the agenda and it proved to be easier than I imagined. Keep reading for the outcome and how to create your own... 

My work area at the end of a long table at NYC Resistor

Nail stamping starts with a slew of choices! With a base coat already down, pick a polish color (a thick, quick dry polish will fare best) to stamp with and a plate (metallic or laser-cut plastic) with a design you would like to use. Next, gather the materials pictured above--you will need a couple Q-Tips and a bit of polish remover for cleaning the plate in between each stamp, a nail art stamper and a credit card to squeegee nail polish before each stamp.

 Stamper with design transferred from the plate

To create the "stamp," dab a generous amount of polish onto the chosen design on the plate. Use the credit card to squeegee the excess polish off the plate and quickly press the stamper onto the plate with the polish. Check the stamp to make sure the polish transferred well and roll onto your nail--That's it! Clean the plate and the stamper with a Q-Tip and acetone between each stamp and repeat the process for as many fingers as desired.

On my first attempt I decided to use Essie's Snap Happy--so uncharacteristically BRIGHT! 

As a pick-me-up on a rainy day, I painted a bright red base that I wouldn't normally step out of the house with and, since I was in a pirate mood, chose the skull and cross bones plate. On my first attempt, I wanted to use a less ornate stamp that would fit within the nail before moving on to patterned stamps. Honestly, I felt shy as my skulls were not as pretty as some of the floral designs done by others in the class. Either way, it was still a fun time and I highly recommend trying out nail stamping and checking out NYC Resistor's creative classes (even if they are in Brooklyn!). For some great samples of nail stamping, have a look HERE.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It only gets better with practice! I will try something more elegant next 'round!

  2. This is so cool so going to get my hands on these.

    1. Thanks! I heard the best stampers come from Korea!


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