Monday, May 13, 2013

Style Snaps : ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Seize sur Vingt on Green St.

Ever have one of THOSE days, where you just want to blend in with the furniture, slink back into bed or hide from the world? With so many channels of information and updates to be made, sensory overload engages early on in the week! As a full time corporate employee, I find it exhausting to work (via remote office, email, IM, soft phone, SharePoint, LiveMeeting), blog, tweet, read, post, follow, update...and ENJOY LIFE sans cyberspace. Where some may emphasize prioritization, I feel that the balance lies somewhere between time management and necessity. The question is: Is it necessary to have, follow or religiously update a blog, facebook page, instagram account, tumblr page, pinterest board, twitter account, google+ profile AND flickr album? For commercial retailers with paid staff, it makes sense to have a different outlets for selling, inspiring, announcing and advertising. But what about the average individual--where do you draw the line between social media and socializing? 


  1. I didn't have twitter for the longest time. Mostly because I didn't know how to use it at first but then it's a great tool to share and read about trending news...I still don't update as much as I hope to on it though...

    1. Agreed--I think it's great for news and retail outlets to broadcast specials, breaking news, etc. I don't know how the typical working individual keeps up with all the media channels (posting + perusing!)!


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