Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Essentials

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Essie snap happy and butler please nail lacquer

Over the last 9 months, both candidates have been painting the town red, white and blue with signage, rhetoric and promises of a brighter future. Will Obama assume a second term as Commander in Chief, or will the public opt for a change in flavor? The battle is winding down to the wire--looks like it's going to be a nail-biter! As Romney and Obama make their last minute rounds, here are some last minute ideas to help make your trip to the polls a stylish one... 
For Team Red, make the moment matter with a white round-neck ruffled shirt from Mango ($69.99), a Mango spotted scarf ($29.99), Mango Super Slim chinos ($39.99) and a classic Chloe python paratay ($3,920). For Team Blue, cast your vote in style in a lacy Mango dress (119.99), Jcrew paisley scarf ($275), blue suede Louboutins, Jcrew Metro coat in Antique White ($325), and clutching a blue Celine Luggage Mini tote in cobalt.

Stay tuned for Election day Street Style!

**Image Credits: white top, red pants, blue dress and red scarf images are from; white coat and paisley scarf images are from; blue Celine bag image from; red Chloe python paratay photo from 

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