Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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Rugby in New Caanan, CT, Closed

Weary of Sandy's aftermath and the darkness at home, I put on my Row sweater and head North to CT on the single running line of the MetroNorth. Salvaging what's left of my spirits, I stop for pizza on my way from the station to a friend's house. Here's a couple shots of storm-shuttered stores on the main strip.

Ralph Lauren in New Caanan, CT, Closed

Rugby's bulldog mascot brilliantly captures my Humbug attitude towards the storm. Bah! It's also the "elephant" in a roomful of mixed ivy league memorabilia. Next door, Rugby's older brother Ralph Lauren mirrors the essence of fall with fake foliage and Classic American layered looks. Ralph's women's window is sadly obscured by a lowered black shade and metal bar, shrouding a festive brown stole warming a mannequin's bare shoulders. Curtain closing, Stop back next week!

Storm ready, shuttered Ralph Lauren in New Caanan, CT

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