Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surviving Superstorm Sandy--Sans Style?

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Rivington Street in the Lower East Side Wednesday morning

Sandy hit NYC by storm this week, stopping traffic lights, downing poles, breaking signs and snapping trees, essentially shutting down the City for days. Sunday's preparations were worth it, as much of lower Manhattan remains without power going into Thursday and possibly the weekend. Sick of sitting at home in the dark, Manhattanites pull on their rain boots and take to the streets to charge up, survey the damage and grab a cup of joe (or at least a breath of fresh air).

A very bare and boarded up Bergdorf via

Though many stores are closed and waiting for transit lines to resume service, there is a trickle of stores starting to open. Bergdorf remains boarded up, though it seems open for shopping. Sample sales have been cancelled or postponed as power is out for most below 41st Street. Feeling a bit disconnected without power or cell service, I take a taxi uptown to the Hilton Hotel in search of free wifi or outlets to charge my electronics.

People take to the streets in an absence of power.

Surveying the scene--street style during this storm is quite disappointing. A day after the big doozy, most people are out in boots and anything waterproof. Only a few bright trenches are mixed in with somber black and hunter green--there's nothing fashionable in sight! Pedestrians roam the streets, looking for any source of connection. Though closed, Starbucks is a popular destination with people huddled outside using the free wifi. Free Brightbox charging pods in pink fluorescence, activated by the magnetic strip of a credit card, are the most stylish item of the day.

The scene at 26th street and many other Starbucks across Manhattan

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