Monday, November 5, 2012


Election themed coffee sleeves at participating 7Eleven stores

Just like wearing white shoes after Labor Day and mixing plaid and stripes are fashion no-no's, talking about politics and religion are often viewed as conversational faux pas. However, at some of my favorite Lower Manhattan coffee spots, politics sparks animated discussion and draws customers for many of the best baristas around town. Inside many of these caffeine fueling stations, Bi-partisan choice is a hot topic as time ticks towards Super Tuesday. Sensitivities aside, style also embodies choice and, as the election approaches, I take to Soho and the L.E.S to seek out “street style” behind the coffee counter.

Taylor at the popular Soho coffee spot, Ground Support Cafe

Barista style is as diverse as the views brought to the tables. From fuzzy hats to cotton tees and name brands to salvaged specials, style sends a personal statement. Over at West Broadway's Ground Support Cafe Taylor pours a pretty latte sporting a grey and white polka dot hat and sophisticated spectacles. When asked to choose between the candidates, she responds, “I hope Obama wins. We need one more chance.”

Amine, the ever smilin' and stylin' owner of Pause Cafe in the L.E.S.

At Pause Cafe, owner Amine Sadki echoes the pro-Obama sentiment with his blue-themed outfit. He agrees "Obama needs one more chance--4 years is not enough." The plaid shoes and blue laces add a fashionable flair to his comfy behind-the-counter attire. 

Jen and Megan both brew tasty lattes at 88 Orchard

A couple streets down, Jen and Megan brew toasty beverages at 88 Orchard. With the cold weather in full force, hats seem to be the stylish staple. This is the third coffee shop in one day with head-hidden baristas!

John makes a mean macchiato at Berki Parc

John, at Berkli Parc cafe didn't need a cap to keep his head warm. In the spirit of the day, he too is clad in all blue. Hey--that's an Odin for Target sweater covering the collared chemise!

A hearty thanks to the brave baristas for showing off their style and making sumptuous latte, macchiato (not the Starbucks kind) and coffee drinks. Some of us couldn't make it through the day quite the same without you! One last note--Remember to get out and vote 

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